The Rabbit’s Dance

Rabbit sits. Rabbit looks. Rabbit hops, stops, hears a noise, turns an ear. Rabbit hops more swiftly now, pulse quickening. He hops away.
Each day he does this. His life a series of crosses and re-crosses, hops and stops and hops again. He is a harlequin dancing, his ears always twitching. Anyone watching would think him half mad, random and chaotic. No wonder he became a symbol of movement and playfulness.
Then, over time, a path appears. His movements are clearly more deliberate than turbulent. He explores, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But always moving, always changing. So many of his stories are those of a Trickster, but not all… His sharp eyes betray a clever, sometimes scheming, often witty mind.
Follow the Quick Dark Spotted Rabbit. See him in the field, follow him down the path, be welcomed into his home. Do not be careless. His mischief comes at the oddest times. He sees many things on his travels, and his answers are not always as obvious as they may seem.
Join this Dark Fool’s journey. Walk this world and continuously learn from all that can be seen.

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