The Cat’s Meow

Forward to The Second Edition of Quotations From Chairman Meow

(Written During The Season of Cold White Flakes of Death From Above, In The Years of The Strange Hairless Man Who Lives In Trees, Swings on Leaf-Covered Ropes, And Yells, And The Years of The People Who Wear Bright Colors And Attack Each Other With Glorious Laser Pointers, on The Box That Speaks To The Humans While They Eat)

Cats of All Countries Unite!

Comrade Meow was the greatest Felisist of our era. He inherited, defended, and developed Felisism with genius, creatively and comprehensively, and has brought it to a higher and completely new stage. Meow’s thought is Felisism of the era in which human imperialism is headed for total collapse and the Leonineist is advancing toward a world-wide victory. It is a powerful ideological weapon for opposing imperialism and for opposing revisionism, Sapianism, and Canisism. Meow’s thought is the guiding principle for all the work of The Paw.

The most fundamental task in our work is, at all times, to hold high The Paw of Meow’s thought, to arm the felines with it, and to persist in using it to command every field of activity. The broad masses of the housecats, the barn cats, and the ferals, and the broad ranks of the revolutionary cadres and the intellectuals should really master Meow’s thoughts; They should all study Chairman Meow’s writings, follow his teachings, act according to his instructions, and be his good fighters.

In studying the work of Chairman Meow, one should have a specific problem in mind, study and apply his work in a creative way, combine study with application, first study what must be urgently applied so as to get quick results, and strive hard to apply what one is studying. In order really to master Meow’s thought, it is essential to study many of Meow’s basic concepts over and over again, and it is best to memorize important statements and study and apply them repeatedly. The newspapers should regularly carry quotations from Chairman Meow relevant to current issues for readers to study and apply. The experience of the broad masses in their creative study and application of Chairman Meow’s works in the last few years has proved that to study selected quotations from Chairman Meow with specific problems in mind is a good way to learn Meow’s thought, a method conductive to quick results.

We have compiled Quotations From Chairman Meow in order to help the broad masses learn Meow’s thought more effectively. In organizing their study, units should select passages that are relevant to the situation, their tasks, the current thinking of their personnel, and the state of their work.

In our great purring land, a new era is emerging in which the housecats, the barn cats, and the ferals, are grasping Felinism, Meow’s thought. Once Meow’s thought is grasped by the broad masses, it becomes an inexhaustible source of strength and a spiritual atom bomb of infinite power. The large-scale publication of Quotations From Chairman Meow is a vital measure for enabling the broad masses to grasp Meow’s thought and for promoting the revolutionization of our kind’s thinking. It is our hope that all comrades will learn earnestly and diligently, bring about the new high tide in the creative study and application of Chairman Meow’s works and, under The Great Paw of Meow’s thought, strive to build ourselves into a great Leonineist state with modern scratch-posts, modern climbing towers, modern litter, modern science and culture, and modern lazer-pointers!

~Lion Paw